Beatles: Why Mick Jagger Nearly Felt ‘Sick’ When He Heard ‘Love Me Do’

“Love Me Do” was the Beatles’ first hit. It remains an iconic song. Few track better encapsulate the innocent rock ‘n’ roll of the Fab Four’s early hits.

However, not everyone who heard the song back in the day liked it. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones was rather upset when he heard it. He felt the Beatles were stealing his band’s musical style – but also found the song inspiring.

“Love Me Do” is a song that blends lots of genres. You can hear elements of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and R&B in it. “Love Me Do” is pretty close to being a Rolling Stones song. It just needs lyrics that are more provocative and a throatier vocal performance.

Jagger noticed the similarity between “Love Me Do” and the Rolling Stones’ music, as did fellow band member Brian Jones. They felt the Beatles had stolen their style. At the same time, they saw it as a departure from the rest of the British music scene, which they saw as unhip.

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[blogger’s note – Hmmm – sounds like ‘fake news to me! The Rolling Stones didn’t play their first gig until July 1962 – and the Beatles recorded Love Me Do in September 1962. I’m sure the Beatles hadn’t heard of the Rolling Stones by then, least of all heard their musical style!]

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