Beatles legend Paul McCartney on his escape to Scotland and its influence on Wings

The Beatles icon explains how his second band were formed and the inspiration he drew from living in rural Argyll after leaving London to avoid the fall out after the Fab Four’s demise.

In the early 70s Sir Paul McCartney was at the peak of his fame.

But The Beatles had disintegrated in acrimony and London had become “heavy”.

Scotland became his means of “escape” from the Fab Four – a place to lick his wounds, begin writing again and form the first incarnation of Wings.

Paul, 76, issues a remastered and expanded edition of his second band’s first two records, Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway, today.

Next Friday, he will play in Glasgow – and admits the city is in a country that has been hugely important to him.

He said: “Going up to Scotland was real freedom. It was an escape – our means of finding a new direction in life and having time to think about what we really wanted to do.”

To save some money from the taxman and as a bolt hole from Beatlemania, Paul had, encouraged by then girlfriend Jane Asher, bought High Park Farm in Campbeltown near Argyll’s Mull of Kintyre in 1968.

But it was only when newly married to American Linda Eastman in 1969 that he decided to make it a home.

He said: “It was like, ‘Let’s escape – we’ll just run away’. And we did, we just ran away.

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