‘Beatle’ to play concert with the band that became Fab Four

The forerunners of the Fab Four – the band that became The Beatles – are reforming for a small countryside concert.

In a major coup for Worcestershire’s Romstock Festival, The Quarrymen will take the stage in a playing field in Romsley village, near Halesowen.

What’s more, they’ll be joined by one of The Beatles.

The skiffle band that unwittingly changed the face of world music are back thanks to Steve Moran, the man behind the festival on June 9.

At Romstock, former band members Rod Davis (guitar, vocals), Colin Hanton (drums) and John Duff-Lowe (keyboards) will entertain a crowd in excess of 1,500.

And there will be a Beatle in tow.

Bass player Chris Newby, who now lives in Redditch, briefly joined the band during their 1961 Hamburg days following the departure of Stuart Sutcliffe.

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