Antiques Roadshow guest in shock as John Lennon and Yoko Ono drawing is worth fortune

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visited Morden Hall Park in south London and one item, a “sensational” self-portrait by the legendary John Lennon and Yoko Ono, left guests stunned by its huge valuation.

Antiques Roadshow expert Hilary Kay delivered a whopping valuation for the portrait of singer and activist John Lennon and his partner Yoko Ono.

The portrait was done shortly after their wedding and famous “bed-in” in 1969 and was described it as a “cracking item”.

Explaining the history around how they came to have the painting, the guest explained: “Both of my parents worked in television and this is done from the early summer of 1969, we believe, just after the ‘peace bedding’.

“After they got married they flew over to London to do a series of interviews and my father was filming the interviews, he was a cameraman back in the sixties and asked them to sign this just before they worked out of the studio.”

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