A Hard Day’s Night with the Beatles in London Virtual Tour

Saturday March 6th at 7pm

Welcome to A Hard Day’s Night with the Beatles live and interactive virtual experience!

Be transported back to the 60s in London to see these places and more on this online tour, from the comfort of your own home.

• Get Back to the place where the opening scenes for A Hard Day’s Night were filmed

• the restaurant featured in Help!

• the former Apple Shop which had the psychedelic mural painted on the wall

• the registry office where two of the Beatles were married

• the apartment where Ringo, Jimi Hendrix and John and Yoko all lived – and where the Two Virgins album cover was taken.

• we’ll also see the house where Paul lived with Jane Asher. It was here that John and Paul wrote I Want To Hold Your Hand, and Paul dreamt one of his most famous songs.

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1 thought on “A Hard Day’s Night with the Beatles in London Virtual Tour”

  1. Mssenator says:

    How I wish I could be there! I was a wee snip of a young lass when I saw Hard Days Night with my two besties! It was incredible!

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