25th September 1967 – The Beatles Record Fool on the Hill

On 25th September 1967, the Beatles began editing their TV film ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, at Norman’s Film Productions on Old Compton Street, Soho. The editing was done by Roy Benson, who had also worked on a ‘Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’ The editing was due to take a week, but actually took about 11 weeks. As there was not narrative to the film, it could be cut in any way the Beatles wanted – and often they couldn’t agree on how it should be done.

In the evening, the Beatles went to EMI Studios, Abbey Road, to record ‘Fool on the Hill’ for the new film. Among those watching the proceedings was Yoko Ono, attending what was probably her first Beatles recording session. Her presence rather destroys the myth that John and Yoko barely saw each other between their first meeting in November 1966, and Yoko coming over to Kenwood in May 1968.

The Beatles recording Fool on the Hill

John and Yoko at the recording of Fool on the Hill

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1 thought on “25th September 1967 – The Beatles Record Fool on the Hill”

  1. Harold Montgomery says:

    Nicely written Richard. I always loved the picture of them rehearsing the “Fool On The Hill”. I have a copy of that framed. Great song that one!!! Didn’t know Ono sat in. Not a fan of her’s but she was in time John’s wife. So……

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